Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Maple Lake

This weekend we went up Payson canyon with my family to Maple Lake. It was so beautiful! It was a nice get away for us. Austin spent most of the time either "skipping" (throwing) rocks into the lake or throwing the football with his cousins. We really did have a great time.

Friday, September 7, 2007


So I have been MIA the past week or so... We have had a lot going on. Aus turned two on Tuesday (4th) we had a birthday party for him on labor day. It was a lot of fun. He got spoiled by his daddy. Andrew called me from Walmart saying "hey hun, I think I may have gone over board." I asked him why and he said... "well, I am on my way out to the truck to empty the cart with the toys in it, then I'll go back in to get the groceries and the rest of the stuff" Holy crap!!! He got him a bike, little aus size foam couch, Lincoln Logs, helmet and knee pads for his bike, little construction equipment toys and a couple of other small things for the bath tub!! Austin had a great time opening his presents and playing with the toys. I took some pics but havent downloaded them to my computer yet. I'll do that later. Until then here are some pics of Aus and Cam enjoying his new little couch.

I have also been potty training Austin!!! YAY for Aus!! He is potty trained now. He is so good about it. He will even hold it when we are driving or gone for most of the day and he has a diaper on. He is such a big boy and smart too. He learned really quickly! We only had about 4 accidents. There might be more to come but so far so good! We're so proud of him!!

My mom, sister and I spent a day canning peaches. It was fun and I feel so domestic! ha! WE canned some and froze some and made jam and nectar out of it! In Rachael Ray's words YUM-O!! I only came away with one cut this year on my thumb. I think I'll can some good hearty stew for the winter!

Another thing that we've been up to is planning a trip back to PA to visit my husbands family (he is from there) we were supposed to leave early this morning but things keep pushing it back. Some people may say they own a company but I think its the company that owns you. So we have had to push it back to make sure things will run smoothly while he is gone. We will most likely leave next weekend. The good part is that we are driving back and we are taking our Condo Semi to pull our new camper (we got a GREAT deal on it) the semi has bunk beds and you can stand all the way up. It also has a fridge and a bunch of other cool features to make it a more comfy trip for all of us. Don't worry Andrew is installing the hooks for the kids car seats. We will most likely leave next weekend

So things have been pretty busy around here as you can tell. I hope you enjoy the pics!