Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Our Story

So I finally caved into peer pressure and have started a blog. Here is a little about us

I served my mission in Australia and Virginia, I got sick in Australia and was sent state side. Andrew served his mission in Ventura, CA.

We met on a blind date. YEP it actually worked out! But not at first....

I had been home for about 2 weeks when we were set up. We went on 4 or so dates over the next month. We decided we didnt have much interest in each other and decided to move on. Well about 2 or 3 months later he started up Elite Rock (our company) and asked me to do the bookkeeping. Then after a few weeks or maybe even a month of that he wanted to know if I would go back to PA with him (thats where he is from) to attend a wedding of one of his childhood friends. He asked if I would go cause he had a million girls chasing him and just wanted someone to go who wouldnt read marriage somehow into it. So since he knew I wasnt interested in him and we had a lot of fun together he decided to ask me.

We went back and had a blast. Travelled all around PA, WV, OH and NY it was a lot of fun.

Once we got home we were inseparable and spent every day with eachother. We just had way too much fun and couldnt get enough of eachother!! So we dated and got engaged rather quickly. THis all happened the first of June and we were engaged on the 24th of July (best engagement ever but thats another blog for another day) and were married the 18th of Sept 2004.

Austin who will be 2 on sept 4th this year was born just shy of our one year anniversary and we now have Camden who was born on the 31st of march. They are both so much fun and keep us busy.

So that pretty much brings us to today. We are just one big happy family! We really do have a lot of fun and things can get pretty crazy around here. So I'm sure I will have plenty to tell you all.