Friday, April 18, 2008

I did it...

I finally cut my hair. I have been wanting to do it for so long but havent had the guts to and Andrew likes my hair long. So while he was out of town I cut 7 inches off of my hair!!! It is just at my shoulders now. I dont have any pics because I hate to take pics of myself but someday I'm sure you will see it. lol. I cant believe I actually did it! Hope Andrew likes it when he sees it.

Kira's Wedding announcement.

Here is Kiras unofficial wedding announcement. I think she may have changed a few things on it. If you want an invite email me your address at and I will make sure she sends you one.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Well I finally got my pictures uploaded to a computer. YAY! I couldn't sleep tonight so i decided to blog. (its 3am) Here is a pic of Andrew and I next to the big huge excavator its an 850 or something like that. That is the bucket we are standing next to! I had Andrew coach me on how to run it. In the second picture you can see him staning up by me teaching me. A few of the guys said that I ran it better than they have seen experienced men run it.... I just think they were looking to make some commission on something. Sorry guys! :)
It was such a nice trip. I was so glad we got to go and spend some time together doing something Andrew enjoys.