Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pee Pee in the POTTY!!

Today is the first day Austin actually went potty in his toilet!!! We have been trying since Camden was born but he just wasn't ready I guess. But he really gets the idea now and I'm hoping to have him fully potty trained by the end of the year!! WAHOO!! He will be 2 on 04 Sept! He is such a big boy!! Here is a little pic of him next to his big boy potty.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was Tagged

Okaye Alida, here ya go :)

1: If you could be anything you wanted to be...absolutely anything...What would you be? (You can not say mommy or wife....this is a dream job okay?!)
If I had any job it would be to be Mariah Carey... For some reason when I was younger it was very well understood that I would need to take her place. I truely did believe this. I also believed I was good enough to take her place. I would daydream about what I would do with the money I would earn and what outfits I would wear. So I guess to this day I wouldnt mind being Mariah Carey (with a little more class and modesty) and singing with such an amazing voice.

2. What is your favorite verse of scripture and why?
I dont exactly have one favorite verse... I like the whole story of the Brother of Jared. I have always liked that story because I tend to be the one that prays and asks Heavenly Father to tell me what to do, rather than thinking of what I can do and then asking him to help me where I fall short. There are many lessons in that story but this is the first one I learned and that stood out to me.

3. What has been your greatest joy as a mother, so far?
I love to watch my kids smile and laugh. I think they are so cute. I am such a proud Mommy when others cant get over how cute our kids are too. I love when other people play with my kids just to get them to laugh and then they start laughing as a result of my kids laughing. Its so much fun! I dont think there is just one great moment for me though. I just love seeing them happy and loved.

4. What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Sweets. Definitely sweet foods. I LOVE me some sugar!! I have to make sure I dont pass all the goodies when I'm grocery shopping cause they are just so dang tempting.

5. What is your most favorite childhood memory?
I have so many but I think the most fun I had was when Kira, our friends and I would make up plays, dances or anything else to entertain the neighborhood. We had a downstairs apartment so our living room window was ground level and it was a good size. we would invite the entire neighborhood to come and sit in front of our window and watch us perform. Serious fun let me tell ya! Even when we moved from there we still put on shows for our parents or just put on shows... nobody watching.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When Mommies Work...

Earlier today Andrew called me and told me he needed me to come in and type up a bid and it had to be turned in by 1pm. This bid is 3 pages long plus a provisions and exclusions page!! AND I didn't have all the info I needed to complete the bid. Needless to say I was on the phone most of the time and trying to type everything up correctly (I really hope it is correct cause its sent out now) So I placed Austin in the bathroom here at the office in his pack'n'play and turned on Monsters Inc. He loves that move and he hadn't had a nap all day so I figured he would be out before the show even started.

Well, he wasn't he talked and played the whole time. I cant see him when I'm sitting at the computer I can only hear him. I could hear the movie turn on and off (how he reached the laptop I have no idea it was placed pretty far back on the counter but I think he was hitting pause and FF and RW and all that. nothing big.) He really sounded like he was having a great time.

I, on the other hand, was ready to lose my mind. I had Andrew call the company we were supposed to get the bid out to and tell him there is NO WAY I could have it done by 1pm so he gave us until 2pm. I thought that was sufficient enough.

It was a crazy bid and things didn't make sense. I literally finished at 2:01 and faxed it out to him. My brain hurt because there was so much confusion on what prices were and what this or that said, and if I was supposed type that or if it was just a side note for Andrew. Anyhow I finished it and got it out.

So once I faxed it I called the gentleman it was supposed to go to. (the phones here aren't cordless they cord is seriously about 2.5 feet long) Just as I ask for the guy I hear all kinds of tearing and ruffling of papers. I couldn't even begin to think what he had that would make that kind of noise. I had to wait on hold until they got the guy.

Once I was off the phone I ran back there (stepping over Camden who had cried himself to sleep on a blanket on the floor) and saw this
He was saying "uh-oh" in this picture. He had unrolled 2 rolls of Paper towels!! I turned around and saw this

He had written all over the door as far as he could reach. This is just the doorknob area, it was all over but wouldn't show up very well unless it was close up. He also drew all over the garbage can and wall behind the garbage can

And here is what he did when I told him that it was naughty

He spit at me!! Oh my GOSH kid! He couldn't have cared less that he was in trouble. I guess the fun was worth it. And I couldn't help but laugh when he spit. So there went that discipline.

This is the reason he got locked in the bathroom in the pack'n'play in the first place

He wrote in crayon all over Andrews bids. You can see it very well but he unrolled some and colored all over them and others he just painted the whole thing (rolled up) one color. I'm glad Andrew has a good sense of humor.

This is him laughing and singing after I left the room to come and post this. I tried to catch him singing. Adorable right?

Thankfully Camden is still asleep. But Aus is yelling "uh-oh" again and "Mom... mere (come here)"

Did I seriously have two of these 18 months apart? What am I in for?????

Doesnt he look so cute and innocent? Sleeping like a rock!

Monday, August 13, 2007

The best husband EVER

So on Sunday morning Andrew got up and decided he would make me breakfast in bed!! He made french toast, scrambled eggs and sausage. It was so good! He is serously so sweet! But it didnt end there. He then did the dishes and cleaned the house! I didnt even have to ask him. I really didnt expect him to do anything like that especially on his only day off. He is great! I love him!!! This was the only pic I have of him on this computer. This was at a family party almost a year ago. Aus was 1 and I was about 3 months prego with camden.

First Date

We had planned on going on a date on Friday night. We were even going to go with another couple. It was going to be SO MUCH FUN!! I didnt have to cook dinner or anything. It was our first date without kids in a LONG time. I was so excited. I even had two girls lined up to watch the boys (they can be a handfull sometimes so I wanted one per kid. They are in my beehive class). So I was getting ready and was taking my time trying to do my hair really cute and trying to find the best outfit. I wanted to feel cute again since its not very often since I have had kids that I get to get all gussied up and feel pretty. Again I was so excited!! I was upstairs putting on the finishing touches to my hair when all of a sudden I hear a loud THUD to which I felt the vibration through the house. I then heard my little Aus let out a scream and then a cry! I ran downstairs to find my husband still holding Camden and trying to calm Austin down. I asked what happened right as Aus looked at me with these huge tears in his eyes and a HUGE HUGE HUGE bump on his head with a cut right down the middle of it. Andrew didnt see it happen but he thinks Aus tripped on his blanket (he carries that thing everywhere) and hit a metal corner on our gas fireplace. It looked pretty bad. So we watched it for a bit to see if he needed stitches, but it thankfully wasnt deep enough. He was pretty shaken up. I mean, he hit that corner pretty hard. It shook the house! So it took us a while to calm him down and by that time he wouldnt go to anyone and it would have been an awful time for the babysitter. So I called her and told her what had happened and cancelled. So instead of going on our date we got to stay home with Aus. But I did go to Olive Garden and get take-out. At least I didnt have to cook right?
This pic doesnt even do that bump justice. It was so big!! You can see our olive garden take-out there in the background. He is doing much better today. The bump is almost gone and the scratch looks much better. Poor kid. He is always getting hurt.