Friday, September 11, 2009

Here is Aus on his first day of preschool. I'm pretty sure he will be the class clown... oh boy! He really enjoyed it though. I heard all day (and still do) about all they did and all they got to sing and so on....This is the best I could get out of him. There was a finger print on the lens which I didn't realize so now I feel bad about that. I still think he is cute though. He was peeking around his teacher Mrs. Erin, they were supposed to wait until their names were called. Of course he is making faces. Silly silly boy!It was cold here today so I wanted to build a fire. This is what I found when I lifted up a piece of wood. Pretty sure I screamed!!!!!! I hate anything that is creepy and crawly. EW! Anyhow our cat Sami came to the rescue when she heard it making its squeaking noise. She disposed of it quickly. The boys just wanted to touch it and pet it. Austin couldn't help but pick it up at least with a stick. "I'm not touching it mom" was his reply. Why are boys so curious? Why? Even Tj wanted in on the action. I do still have some hope though. There is a possibility that this baby that is growing in my belly will be a girl... Maybe then I will get someone to side with me and say 'ew that's disgusting' every once in a while. Rather than 'hey let me see that!' oh brother! er I mean Sister :)

Yep if you haven't heard already we are expecting baby number three! Wish us luck and pray for a girl. Pretty please?