Thursday, May 21, 2009

BOYS!!!!! nuff said!

Here is Camden with one of the many messes he gets into. He is always getting into something! Such a messy little boy! If you look in the background you can see Austins legs. They are black!!! He was so dirty too!

Just call him Cam-gelina!!! ;) Doodah seriously cuts his lip open once a week! It always bleeds like crazy. This was a really bad week. He cut it open three times in two days! I always tell Andrew that the reason I never get anything done is because I am always saving this kids life! It's so true!

This is a little friend of camdens. It's a TICK! I had to pull it out with tweezers and it did not want to let go. it was hanging on so tight that it pulled his skin up about an inch before it let go. ouch!

Don't be fooled. Aussie is always getting into as much trouble as Camden. He is just learning how to be more sneaky about it. He does stuff and then comes and tells me but ends it with saying "but i was hiding mom, so you couldn't see me. don't get mad ok?" I could go on and on about all the funny witty things he says. that kid is smart and quick on his feet! The boys got into mud and finger paint in the picture below. I think that Camden's shirt says it all. "I like monsters mud and mess!" I just cant figure out why in the world they made it a WHITE shirt!!! Don't these people know anything about boys? lol