Friday, August 22, 2008

...Roughin' it...

We have finally made it to PA... Actually we have been here nearly two weeks now. We took our time driving out. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the trip back. The kids did really really well. It has been quite an adjustment going from a 3000 sq ft home to an 800 sq ft trailer and form the city to the middle of nowhere.

So far we have found snake skins under our trailer and all kinds of spiders. I even found a BIG pile of bear poop!!!!!!!! I almost passed out, the boys however have found great interest in bear poop and spiders and all the other bugs you get to live with when your backyard is part of the woods! Of course there are tons of tractor rides with daddy and they both follow him around everywhere with tools in hand so they can fix whatever it is he is fixing.

We have had TONS of good old fashioned home cooked meals made from scratch. We have picked beans and corn. Andrew's dad canned some beans and applesauce for us and I froze some corn so we are building up our food storage pretty quickly! I've learned a lot about gardening and have been helping in their HUGE garden. It has been pretty fun and a great learning experience so far.

Luckily our stay in this trailer is only temporary. We found a really nice new house. It's just a bit smaller than our house back in Utah but at least we will fit in it with all of our belongings. Also, it has a nice big wrap around covered porch. Property out here is so stinkin' cheap! Its a house on 4 acres with a shop, barn, shed and its all fenced in. It's only 100 thousand!! I couldn't believe it! Back home it would be more like one million dollars!

Oh yeah, there is one little catch... its an Amish house. which means it has no bathrooms or electricity and only running water to the kitchen sink!!!! Luckily it will all be really easy to install because they didn't finish the basement or upstairs so all the walls are easily accessible. We will slowly finish the basement and top floor. We are really lucky to have found such a great house for so cheap it will only take a week or so for Andrew to put in the electric and plumbing and then we can move in.

Well this had turned into a book. I haven't taken many pictures but I do have one of the bear poop. ;) I tried to show how big it is by putting my hand next to it so you can compare, but the angle still makes it look smaller than it is. EW!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

My Tractor Boys!!

The boys love to ride this tractor. Its so funny to watch because Aus puts it in fast mode and they cruise around the back yard like crazy. Somehow Camden manages to hold on the entire time. You'd be surprised to see how fast this little toy goes!