Thursday, November 13, 2008


Kira is now 26! I can't believe my little sister is 26. Even though I'm older that still seems so old. Today we went shopping and got her a really REALLY cute pair of jeans. Truth be told, I wanted them for myself ;) But I was selfless and got them for her. I love how we are best friends. We can talk about anything. Here are 26 things about my sis

1.Kira is very humble
2. She is my best friend (next to my superman hubby of course) and we can talk about anything
3. She is such a beautiful person inside and out.
4. Kira is so self concious of her birthmark it is crazy. She thinks its ugly. She is BEAUTIFUL!!
5. She works in the presidents office at UVU and gets hooked up with all kinds of stuff.
6. Some of her nicknames are kabiisa, gogo, goge, lynners, kirsther and Tommy calls her keed.
7. If you tickle her under her neck she will laugh so hard she drools. **ya gotta try it sometime!
8. Kira is a straight A student in college. She has gotten a 4.0 nearly her whole college carreer!
9. She served a mission to the Louisville Kentucky Mission and was an AWESOME missionary!
10. When she was 13 she pierced her own belly button with a safety pin and ice!
11. When we were in college toghether people would always ask us if we were twins. We got so sick of people asking and then not believing us that we just said we were to save time.
12. Kira knows American Sign Language fluently.
13. Kira is one smart cookie!
14. She has never really cooked much until she got married. Now she makes dinner most every night and it is some dang good food! She's a natural.
15. She can wiggle her eyes really really fast! Its freaky
16. She has only had 3 jobs really. First at Shoneys Restaurant as a salad bar attendant. Second at a telemarketing place, which she worked at for 2 years! and now the one she is currently at. She has been there for a long time before and after her mission.
17. Kira is a really good listener and good at communication.
18. She has been trying to grow her hair out for her husband and its getting so long!
19. She can get soooooooooooooo competitive.
20. She is one awesome Auntie. My boys absolutely adore her.
21. Kira reads her scriptures every single day!
22. She is a very organized person.
23. Kira is one of those people that are good at everything they do
24. She is full of love for other people.
25. She is happy all of the time. She is so positive!
26. She now has a really cute pair of jeans :)

Hope you had a great day kira!