Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lessons of a Migrane...

So last Friday I had a serious migrane. The kind where I 'toss my cookies' every hour and cant see anything and any noise makes it even worse. By noon I was out of my mind with pain and it had only gotten worse. I called Andrew and he made an appt for me at our Doctors office. It was a few hours until I had to be there so Andrew came home took care of the kids and got me ready to go. When it came time to leave he dropped me off and took the kids to the sitters and I went in to see what they can do for migranes. Come to find out you have to get a shot in your hiney!!! I said heck no at first but when Andrew got back he said that it doesnt hurt that bad and The Doctor told me that its the fastes way to get rid of the headache. I told them to go ahead and do it.

The nurse came in with 2 needles!!! 1 for anti nasuea and the other for the migrane. Not even 10 minutes after they injected me with the stuff, I was OUT OF IT. So loopy and tired. Apparently I kept yelling at Andrew for little stupid things. Like "STOP EATING ICE CREAM ITS HURTING MY HEAD!!" And other crazy things. I laughed the next day when he told me all the things I had done and said- but I dont think he was laughing while he had to deal with it all. I was mean!

Anyhow he was very nice and patient with me and treated me so well he even got me some flowers after I had yelled at him and been so rude!! Isnt that so sweet? All in all I learned that if I ever get a migrane like that again I will just ask the doc for the medicine in pill form with something that I know wont make me mean and crazy!! Plus I still have a bruise from where they gave me the shot! NEVER AGAIN will I get a shot there! But at least I know my husband will still love me no matter what! Here is a picture of the flowers he got me!