Sunday, October 12, 2008

What We's been up to...

Since my last post we have been homeless... in a sense. I'll back up a bit... The boys and I flew out to Utah to visit Andrew while he was closing up shop (literally, he is moving everything out of the shop) We figured we were only going to be here for a week and then all drive back to PA. WRONG! We got an offer on our house. Fabulous! So we stayed in Utah so we could be there to sign at the closing. Well the city we live in had a certificate of non-compliance on our house, so we couldn't sell it until we satisfied it. They said our back deck wasn't in compliance with city ordinance. So we started fixing up stupid things like put stain on the bottom of the deck, dig the footers from 16 inches deep to 31 inches deep (which actually isn't very smart because it made the ground unsettled again so the deck is going to move with the frost and heat) and a ton of other random stuff that honestly didn't make any sense and cost us way more money than we wanted to put into it. Oh, and did I mention that we already had the city inspect it a year and a half ago? The guy that came didn't fill out the paper properly so it "didn't count" or something like that. We were so annoyed. I think the guy that did all the inspections was just on a power trip because he had us do the most insignificant things. Its fine I'm over it now. We passed.

We had a date set up to close on the house once we got the city out of our hair. We got a call the morning of from the realtor informing us that the bank they were going to borrow from ran out of money. GREAT! The buyers really wanted to get the house but needed a special program for down payment assistance which is no longer offered. We thought it was over but they came back to us and told us that they talked to some family members and borrowed enough for a down payment. Now we are patiently waiting for their papers to go through a new lender. We think we'll close on Tuesday but I'm not crossing my fingers. I will be happy if it happens though :)

In the mean time, we are still in Utah we were staying in a hotel which was very expensive. We knew we had to put an end to that and checked out our options. My husband being the major deal maker that he is found us a cheap yet nice motor home on KSL so that is what we are staying in for the time being. It gets crazy but the boys love all the dirt and rocks they get to throw. We have the motor home parked at the shop so we can be with Andrew all day!

What Andrew has been up to in short... very short.... He has this thing for fixing up wrecked semi's you know the big diesel semi trucks. Well anyhow a year ago he bought them to work on over the winter while the construction industry is slow. His plan was to rebuild them and sell them. So he has a guy that wants to buy two of them but only has time to build one before we need to be back in PA. So he is rushing to get that finished before we head back. He will have to make one more trip out after this next one to get the rest of the shop stuff and then he can get it all set up in the shop back in PA.

Aus and Cam have been having fun seeing family and playing with friends. Camden got his first stitched too. When we were at the hotel he was on the bed and rolled off next to the night stand and landed on the bottom corner of the night stand (it was a funky design the bottom of it stuck out more than the top and had a very sharp corner) that slit his head open and he was bleeding like crazy. We took him to the hospital where he had to get 6 stitches in his head. He cried when they were numbing him up but slept through all the "sewing" He just laid on Daddy's chest and slept it was cute.
Since I don't have my camera with me I have very few photos of the last month (along with very little of everything. I flew out here for one week! For the love!!! Good thing I can get creative lol) I do however, have some of Cam's stitches and a few others.

Camden's cute face before...

and this is while we were waiting in the ER
sleeping with daddy

And the finished product. It didn't leave too bad of a scar. I even took out the stitches myself. Wasn't hard at all. He is doing fine now and has even managed to have a few close call repeat trips. Boys will be boys!