Monday, February 25, 2008


So on Wed. I was driving Andrew down to the airport so he could fly to Phoenix for a convention John Deere was putting on for all of its "valued" customers. On the way down he found out that I would be able to go and said "if we can get a sitter for the boys you can come and all we will have to pay for is your flight and maybe food." So I made a call to my amazing friend and she said shed watch the kids for the 3 days!! I was so excited. I came home and got online to book the flight when Andrew called me and said my flight was at 9:10pm and to meet up with one of their guys that was going down. Come to find out, John Deere paid for my flight and booked it before I even had a chance. It was such a great vacation. They let ME... ME run the equipment so I ran a huge excavator. (I have pics I will post them later) and all kinds of other fun pieces of equipment. They also paid for me to get a message at the spa thats at the hotel. That was awesome! We stayed at the Arizona Grande Resort It had a golf course, water park and all kinds of fun things. They paid for Andrew to go and drive race cars. The food was FANTASTIC!!! I didnt have to cook or clean and it was very very good! I came home feeling so relaxed and ready to take on my two boys. I did miss them though. Austin was good for the most part other than peeing all over her bathroom and laughing about it. What a STINKER!!! All in all we had a great time and felt like we were dating all over again.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I've been Tagged!!

Ok so, I really haven't been tagged. Nobody would do that anymore cause they all know I most likely wouldnt do it... So I'm going to tag myself and try a bit harder to be better at blogging.

100 Things About Me

1. I LOVE to eat... Thinking about what I'm going to make for breakfast is what gets me up and out of bed in the morning.
2. I was a tomboy growing up and am slowly learing how to be girly.
3. Andrew is my best friend in the whole world. EVER!!
4. I am very very happy when everything is in perfect order and my house is clean
5. My boys all 3 of them are my life. They make me so happy
6. I love love love to dance
7. I love to sing also... my kids and husband are usually my only audiance though. :)
8. Chick flicks are my fave!
9. I have green eyes.
10. I can cook pretty well but I HATE trying to decide what to cook.
11. I can wiggle my eyes really fast. its freaky.
12. I would love to learn to really play the piano someday not just play some songs by ear.
13. My sister Kira is engaged!!! She is getting married on May 16th! (thats kinda about me lol)
14. I cant sleep until my husband comes to bed and my toes are tucked nice and warm under his legs!
15. I served a mission in two countries... but only served one mission.
16. I can speak some spanish... I can carry on a pretty good conversatoin
17. I learnd most of tthat from a co-worker who refused to speak english to me so that I would learn. Thanks Juan wherever you are!
18. I worked security for the olympics. I worked in the media center at the Salt Palace and met a lot of famous people. It was awesome!
19. I have been to a gym about 6 times my entire life. 3 of those times was to go tanning.
20. I would love to get braces some day but think i'm too old now. I would like to get the invisiline ones though.
21. A year ago I had blonde hair. Now its dark brown with caramel highlights.
22. People still think I'm a high schooler. When My husband and I went to pick up one of my friends kids from junior high, the principal came up to me and asked to see my hall pass!!! Are ya kidding me? He thought I was 15 years old!!!! I hate that!
23. I have kept in touch with a good number of my childhood friends.
24. My new favorite restaurant is Goodwood BBQ. BEST ribs I've ever had.
25. I am a chapstick fanatic. I have one everywhere I go.
26. I have been married for 3 1/2 wonderful years!
27. um... I'm 27 years old.
28. I have 30+ cousins on each of my parents sides. Family get-togethers are huge.
29. I have a great grandpa who is still living (hes almost 96)
30. That great grandpa is Austin and Camdens great great grandpa!
31. I am a water-aholic. I drink it like crazy.
32. I kick my husbands butt on air hockey almost every time.
33. I cant take naps during the day.
34. I love to go on roller coasters but dont know if I'd ever sky dive or bunjee jump
35. I love good deals. ie: going to yard sales, platos closet etc...
36. I really really like mexican food. I love Cafe Rio and Costa Vida
37. I love a good thunder and lighting storm
38. A foot message is the way to my heart!
39. I hate being cold
40. One of my favorite shows is Heroes. When is it going to come back? :(
41. My husband is the hardest worker I know.
42. We own a company together that has grown a ton in the last 18 months.
43. I love sharing the gospel with others and sharing my testimony.
44. Someday we will go to Hawaii
45. We have already been to the Virgin Islands and loved it!
46. One of my good friends is a Scuba instructor and is going to help me get my scuba license
47. My cell phone is a must have. I wouldnt know what to do without it.
48. I enjoy watching the super bowl and other football and basketball games BUT only if it is with my Dad. He makes them very fun. and entertaining.
49. I like to play jokes on people. I love the reactions I get.
50. I can be very creative sometimes and it surprises me.
51. When I cant sleep at night I tickle my husbands back until I fall asleep... sometimes he tries to give me caffiene before I go to bed!!
52. I really enjoy planing games with people. Like the gather round the table type of games.
53. I own a .22 rugar semi-autimatic (sp?) Thats a gun!! but I have only shot it a handful of times. I have another one but I dont know what kind it is. My husband got it for me. We just use them to target shoot. (so far)
54. I have gained an appreciation for seafood. I now can say I like it.
55. My sister and I have a secret language... which isnt so secret when my mom, husband and her fiance are around. Otherwise most people dont know what we are saying
56. My sister is one of my best friends!
57. I really admire my sister
58. I HATE doing laundry. Ask Andrew.
59. I bite my bottom lip when I think.
60. Even though Aus has been potty trained since the week he turned 2 I still cant get him to go #2 in the potty!! He will be 2 1/2 next month. Any suggestions?
61. I would love to grow my hair down to my waist or just above. I just dont have the patience and it ends up staying somewhere between my shoulders and mid back. uhg!
62. I still use the word "rad"
63. I need to take more photos and video of my family.
64. I have to sleep with my head under the blankets.
65. I dont like any movies or conversations that are about evil spirits and ghosts.
66. I used to make up dances clear up until College.
67. My sister and I used to play jokes on my mom on her birthday. We would put those little snap popper things on the 4 little nubs on the toilet and then close the rim. EVERY year when she sat down she would scream... We did it for many years... I cant believe she still loves us :)
68. I hate wearing shoes. I even wear sandals in the winter. This year is the first year that I have worn closed toed shoes more than open toed shoes. Dang snow!!
69. I love snowstorms. I secretly hope everytime that we will be snowed in for a day or two!
70. I think I have an ocd with counting. I am always counting things and I am always finding the average number on a license plate. Im cooky I know. I try not to do it but I just cant help it.
71. I have recently learned I like to make crafts with wood.
72. I love camping
73. I havent been for a while but I love rock climbing.
74. I have never been snow skiing. I have done a lot of Water skiing. Someday I will snow ski and snow board.
75. I used to like cats until I got one as an adult. Now, not so much. And dont get me started on indoor dogs.
76. We have a golden rereiver named TJ who is the best dog EVER for kids... He came with the husband and therefore was an indoor dog before I even had a say... I really dislike indoor animals. But I like them outside.
77. I have to admit that its nice to have TJ around when the kids spill food on the floor. All I have to say is TJ clean up! and he comes running and all I have to do is mop! I think thats the only perk to having indoor dogs.
78. My birthday is on Christmas. As a child I got lucky because all my aunts and uncles would know they were going to see me on my birthday and they felt bad for me so they all got me gifts. Nobody made out like I did.
79. It was a rule (thanks mom!!) and still is that all my birthday gifts are to be wrapped in birthday wrapping paper, and it can never be a happy birthday/merry christmas gift. The first gift I ever got that was a dual gift was from my friend Angie ( I doubt she even knows this) I was in 5th grade and it was a horse poster and a mug.
80. I usually have a reorganizing project going on somewhere in my house. I like to organize and re-organize... However I can never seem to have everything organized... whats the secret?
81. I love to go horseback riding. We bought a horse last fall at the auction but had to sell her because she wasnt a good "kid horse" but she was a very very pretty horse.
82. I like to stretch my limits when it comes to using my brain... Since I havent been in school it isnt challanged as often, so when the opportunity arises I take it and enjoy it. (ie. figuring out how to do things in the office or at home or how something works etc...)
83. I really really miss being in school. I will most definitely finish my degree someday!
84. I think it would be fun to be a figure ice skater.
85. In High School I went through a "skater" phase where I hung out with "skaters" and skated on skate boards. It only lasted a year.
86. I feel overly blessed to be who I am and to have the life and family and husband that I do... I am so lucky!
87. My husband likes to spoil me. He is good at it too.
88. I am so stinking stubborn. I'm trying to do better though
89. Pumkin Pie is my favorite and I make it all year round... I also listen to Christmas music all year round.
90. Mariah Carey is one of my favorite singers... but only her older stuff. Does that make me old?
91. I chase Aussie around the house every single day just so I can brush his teeth. lil stinker
92. I dont have dimples, neither does Andrew but Camden has the HUGEST dimples that are so cute. His cheeks are like kissing magnets.
93. I think my biggest weakness is comparing myself to others. Its a bad thing.
94. My biggest strength is the ability to love unconditionally and forgive easily. I've never held a grudge.
95. I very rarely cry except when I am pregnant. I cry like once or twice a month!!
96. I love to read my scriptures right before I go to bed. Sometimes I have cool dreams about what I have read. Like I was Moroni or something.
97. I have a guilty concience. I dont tell lies very well.
98. I love being social and being around lots of people and getting to know new people. I thrive on socializing.
99. Someday I am going to design the coolest house that has all the things I want!! Then Andrew will draw up the plans. ( he was going to be an architect when he was in school.)
100. If I fall asleep without brushing my teeth I will wake up in the middle of the night to brush them.
**bonus** I did this all in one sitting!! It is harder than you think it would be!
I dont think anyone should have anymore questions about me EVER!! lol!