Monday, January 19, 2009

Freezing our buns off in PA!

It has been so dang cold here. Yesterday we saw a high of 26!! I felt like wearing shorts and a T-shirt :) For the past week or so it has been around -5 to 5 degrees during the afternoon. Talk about cold! We have to layer up our clothes like crazy! The other day I took the boys beanies off to find this

Doesn't he look like a little punk kid? I love it! And yes. I have succumbed to "mormon motherhood traditions" ;) and purchased a van. The worst part of it all? I actually like having it! Whodathunk?

Here is Camden with his punk hair. Pretty funny eh?


Rachelle said...

i cant believe its that cold. sooo crazy. your boyz look darling. and i could totally have a mini van, ive driven one for work and fell in love, they are just sooo practical what is not to love about them!

Staheli family said...

I bet it's hot then with you driving out milf on the road.